Our system of comics is broken.  We’re in a position of having to promote each and every book THREE times.  First, when the catalog hits, then, we do it again when orders are due, and finally, once the book is out.  While that’s three bites at the apple, so to speak, it’s also an opportunity to wind up entirely as background noise, as every creator bombards you with endless promotion and begging. 

It’s obnoxious, it’s time consuming, and frankly, from me to you, it sucks.

But, it’s completely and utterly necessary.  It’s just how things work in comics, and how we have to promote.  We tried to do things a little bit different with Life After, taking it easier in the first window, and really beating the drum in the second (and, in three weeks, the third). 

So, I stand before you asking you to PLEASE reach out to your local retailer.  Tell them about THE LIFE AFTER from onipress.  Here’s are pretty good interviews with COMICVINE, comicbook.com and 13TH DIMENSION talking about it.  Here’s the NERDIST exclusive reveal of one of the variant covers. And here’s a little sit down I did with God on BLEEDING COOL.

You can order it with the following codes for each of our variant covers:

Infurnari: MAY141496
Gabo: MAR148218
Pitarra: MAY141495
Every one of you guys who want my books to keep going have GOT TO call your retailer, or stop by, or email them, or whatever, to ask them to PLEASE check it out.  And today is your last chance to do that. If you don’t, there simply won’t be enough orders for the book to have the life it needs to have.  Just like with the Bunker, the book will be under-ordered and will be hard to find, but, I guarantee you guys, you want to see it and hold it in your hands.
I’m so immensely happy to share this book with you guys.  It’s something galvo and I have worked on for literally three years, and, we’re hoping to work on it for a helluva lot more.  But without you guys reaching out to your shops and telling them you want the book, that’s just not going to happen.
So. Please. Go forth and order!
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    Fialkov on why preordering is paramount to creator-owned comics and THE LIFE AFTER, which cuts off TODAY.
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